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Welcome to The Worcester Family Law Practice  

 The Worcester Family Law Practice:

  • Divorce Lawyers
  • Family Mediators
  • Collaborative Family Lawyers
  • Lawyers for Children

If you are looking for divorce advice, divorce help, or legal assistance dealing with family breakdown issues or children, then the family law solicitors at The Worcester Family Law Practice are the people to talk to. They are specialist solicitors who provide expert legal advice and help in relation to:

  • Divorce
  • Separation
  • Domestic Violence
  • Civil Partnerships
  • Common Law Marriage (cohabitation)
  • Care Proceedings
  • Adoption

Located immediately opposite Worcester's Shirehall (home of the Worcester Divorce Court), the practice concentrates exclusively upon Family Law work.

The firm has adopted and developed modern solutions to the problems that arise when family relationships break down.

We are able to offer a specialist family mediation service, collaborative family law, and access to family counselling and individual counselling.

The Worcester Family Law Practice divorce lawyers recognise that family breakdown has both a financial and an emotional cost. They work to ensure that these costs are kept to the minimum.

Community Legal Service
When clients qualify, The Worcester Family Law Practice is able to undertake publicly funded (legal aid) cases paid for by The Legal Services Commission.

The Worcester Family Law Practice Solicitors:

Divorce Lawyers:

Paul Kemp
Paul’s motivation as a family mediator, collaborative practitioner and divorce lawyer is that he gets a real kick out of helping people to find solutions to tricky problems. A case that cannot be settled without a judge’s decision is counted by Paul as a failure.

Paul reckons that the best people to make decisions about their lives are the people themselves, not some distant third party. That is why he is so committed to family mediation and collaborative family law and has trained as a consultant to other mediators. He especially thinks that parents will usually be the right people to make decisions about what is best for their children.

Paul gets on well with children and has trained to consult with older children as part of family mediation.

Paul’s favourite places outside the office are hills – the remoter the better. However, he is known to visit the Walter de Cantelupe Inn in Kempsey occasionally, and can sometimes be found in the pulpit of his local Parish Church where he strives (not always successfully) to keep his sermons short.

The best compliment a client has paid to Paul was to comment that he was ‘not like a typical lawyer’ – sadly, however, he rather looks like one.

Susan Humes
Having grown up in Enniskillen in Northern Ireland through the period usually referred to as ‘the Troubles’, Susan Humes is never likely to be daunted by anything that she has to deal with.

Susan has put that experience to good use helping people who face daunting challenges and who are not quite sure what to do next. Susan’s motivation is to help other people through life’s challenges using her legal knowledge and skills to achieve realistic goals and she always acts with compassion, respect and honesty.

Susan was delighted to join The Worcester Family Law Practice in May 2011 to work with colleagues who share the same core values and goals as her.

Susan’s attitude to her work is clear to all. One acquaintance wrote: “it is clear, when Susan talks about her work, that she has a genuine empathy with her clients and really tries to resolve their problems in the most sensitive and suitable manner possible, achieving the best result all round. I would have no hesitation in recommending Susan to any person having marital difficulties and needing legal advice – if you need a sensitive yet determined advocate then Susan is that person”

Rachael Jones
Rachael is a Legal Assistant, working with Paul Kemp and the other divorce lawyers. Rachael holds an HND in Law and is currently working towards Legal Executive qualifications.

You may want to know about accreditations and panel memberships. We do hold the various accreditations that show that we are qualified to do our job, and are entitled to display these badges:

The Law Society Family Law

Resolution Accredited SpecialistResolution Mediator Resolution Collaborative Family Lawyer

The fact that we are wholehearted members of Resolution – an organisation of family lawyers committed to improving standards and reducing conflict in family justice – really does matter to us.

But being qualified to do the job is only part of what you need to look for. Actually, most solicitors and legal executives are reasonably competent. The bigger questions are ‘Are they the right sort of people for me?’ ‘Will they care about me and my case?’ and ‘Will I mean more to them than just an opportunity to earn big fees?’

If you think that the answers to these questions may be ‘Yes’, then why not arrange to come and see us to check us out before you commit to us – and us to you? We run a special scheme where, for a fixed fee of £150 plus VAT, we will talk to you for up to an hour and then confirm our advice to you in writing. We’ll also talk about likely costs. If you don’t like us or what we say or what we might cost, then we won’t be offended if you decide to go elsewhere. What really matters is that you have a lawyer you are able to work with.  

Children Lawyers:

David Wright
David specializes in child care cases and adoption work.  He represents local authorities, children, parents and other family members. He has experience of cases involving “shaken baby syndrome” and “factitious illness” and has dealt with inter–country and contested adoptions.

David is a member of the Law Society Specialist Children Law Panel and of the Association of Lawyers for Children. David is a member of Resolution.

Elizabeth Miles
No parent walks into Liz Miles’ office when they are happy. They usually have big problems relating to their children that they cannot sort out for themselves.

Often social workers are involved, and sometimes there is a threat of children being taken away from their parents.

Other times, it’s just that Mother and Father cannot agree on what is best for their children and some help from the lawyers, or even a judge, may be needed to sort out the mess.

These are the situations where Liz gets involved. If it’s a dispute between parents she is much happier when things are worked out in a way that allows the parents to be able to talk to each other and work together. After all, sooner or later the lawyers and Courts will be out of their lives, and their children may still have a lot of growing up to do before they cease to need Mum and Dad.

When Liz is looking after all family members and friends in care proceedings, it’s her job to put together the best case, including getting them the help they need. She is realistic enough to know that not all parents will be successful in getting their children returned. Even then, parents can often be helped by the system not to make the same mistakes with future children.

And soon, Liz is hoping to have gained the qualification that will allow her to represent children. Ever since she was a child herself, she has wanted to do that, and she is so much looking forward to the day when she can. That was why she wanted to be a lawyer in the first place.

Liz hopes you never need her help but, if you do, she’ll be here to help all she can.

Children at Risk.


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Disclaimer: The contents of this website are given only by way of general information which is inconsistent with comprehensive advice and accuracy. No liability can be accepted for any reliance on any of the information provided. You should always take professional advice on your particular situation. If you think we can assist please contact us.

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